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Inspiration: – Accelerating Innovation…

juni 5, 2012


Christopher Ireland – Co-founder at Mix & Stir Studio og Co-Author Mary Anne Masterson, Jay Nath skriver på The San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Innovation recently piloted an “unhackathon” which attracted over 80 designers, technologists and business pros, all collaborating quickly and intensively to create viable solutions for the City’s taxi distribution and transit […]

Inspiration: – Museum of Ideas & Inventions

maj 3, 2012

0 skriver: Don’t expect to see historic inventions at Miba (like the first light bulp or mobile phone). Expect up-to-date inventions, speculative and quirky designs and trends that make you think and laugh. Apart from showcasing a wide range of ideas and inventions from all over the world, Miba also hosts activities that help people […]

Inspiration: – Innovation Is About Arguing

april 16, 2012


 Daniel Sobol skriver på Innovation Is About Arguing, Not Brainstorming. Here’s How To Argue Productively At Continuum, innovation’s secret sauce is deliberative discourse. Here’s how you do it. Turns out that brainstorming–that go-to approach to generating new ideas since the 1940s–isn’t the golden ticket to innovation after all. Both Jonah Lehrer, in a recent article […]

Inspiration: How the Apple iPod Broke all Sony’s Walkman Rules

marts 9, 2012


Ron Adner skriver på Innovation Success: How the Apple iPod Broke all Sony’s Walkman Rules In 1978, engineers at Sony successfully married a compact playback device with lightweight headphones to create the prototype for a product that would become a worldwide hit. In 1979, the ‘Walkman’ was introduced in the Japanese market, selling out […]

Inspiration: – Chief Innovation Officer’s Agenda

februar 6, 2012


Paul Hobcraft skriver på I tend to not like offering up checklists as blog posts, you know those one hundred and one ideas for this or that, although I have to admit I like collecting them as a kick-starting resource. Today I decided to change my mind, Why? The Innovation Champion has many jobs-to-be-done and […]

Viden: – Fælles værdier kan svække innovation!

januar 25, 2012


Ana Luiza de Araújo Burcharth, ph.d. og adjunkt ved Aarhus Universitet skriver på Fælles værdier kan svække innovation Er fælles værdier på arbejdspladsen altid noget positivt? Ifølge ny forskning fra Aarhus Universitet, Business and Social Sciences, er svaret nej. Fælles værdier kan skabe en indadvendt form for adfærd, hvor medarbejderne ikke er modtagelige for […]

Glædelig Jul og et Lykkebringende Nytår!

december 22, 2011


Fra alle os (i Changepilot) til alle jer!