Inspiration: – 25 Key Questions on Open Innovation Implementation

Posted on 16/04/2012


Stefan Lindegaard skriver på

What are the key questions that corporate innovation leaders must consider as they prepare to make important decisions related to the implementation of open innovation at their companies?

I have compiled a list of questions that I would consider if I were in their shoes. It is not complete, but perhaps it can work as a discussion starter.

The Big Picture:

Why are we doing this? What is the purpose?

How does open innovation fit into our overall corporate strategy and how does it relate to our innovation strategy?

Are the top executives really ready for this journey?

What are our strenghts and weaknesses for making this happen? What is the best way of mapping this?

Who should be the leader of this initiative? What type of person is needed and which skill-set and mindset is needed?

What kind of budget should we allocate in the short, mid and long-term perspective?

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