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Posted on 06/02/2012


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I tend to not like offering up checklists as blog posts, you know those one hundred and one ideas for this or that, although I have to admit I like collecting them as a kick-starting resource. Today I decided to change my mind, Why? The Innovation Champion has many jobs-to-be-done and I felt this would be a useful ‘sparking point’ to recognize the innovation jobs involved.

Often I think those of us involved in innovation need to keep reminding ourselves it is not just working on that days problem that is in front of us but to ‘move along’ all the others, to build a sustaining capacity and set of capabilities. So this is my view on those innovation jobs-to-be-done list that internally and through external consultants are constantly needed to be actively managed and supported to help build a stronger innovation structure.

Also these do build towards a possible Chief Innovation Officer’s agenda and content.

These are, for me, the areas that would need to be tackled and consciously working on. What do you think?

  1. Building innovation capabilities: evaluating and accessing the company’s innovation capabilities, working through the culture, climate and environment that is needed for innovation, removing the barriers to innovation to increase the potential available.
  2. Developing the competencies and capacities to innovate: make innovation everybody’s everyday job; to grow the understanding and organization for innovation and often for the renewal that is needed.
  3. Creating breakthrough strategies: insights and fresh thinking, tools & techniques that enable the creation of new strategic innovation, discovery, exploring white space, extending beyond the existing core to turn thinking into real world solutions.

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