Inspiration: – Are You Practicing Luckovation?

Posted on 07/11/2011


Thomas Kadavy skriver på Innovationexcellence:

Is the success of your innovation projects based on luck? Would you rather your product development team be lucky or good? Being lucky in the things you can’t control is a wonderful thing, but relying on luck for the things you can control really isn’t the best strategy for your innovation efforts. So, is your development team practicing Luckovation? Here are few characteristics of “Luckovators” to help you find out:

*Characteristic #1*

Luckovators don’t fully understand the problem they are trying to solve, the need they are addressing or the value proposition of the product they are developing. If your team doesn’t completely understand these key elements, they are just relying on luck to hit the mark with your new product. Chances are high they will fall short, resulting in disappointment and lost opportunity in the market.

*Characteristic #2*

Luckovators implement the first solution they hit upon. They don’t explore the full solution space, analyze the alternatives or optimize their resources to provide the very best solution. The resulting products are just mediocre. With luck, the competition will also be practicing Luckovation and everyone can slug it out for market share with equally mediocre solutions. This is probably not the end result you were hoping for when you initiated the project to develop a new product.

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