Inspiration: – Five Strategies to Light a Fire Under Your Innovation Program

Posted on 06/09/2011


Harvey Briggs skriver på

How can we introduce a culture of radical innovation into our companies before we get to the brink of bankruptcy? Harvey Briggs shares strategies to make sure your company feels the heat before it’s too late.


The concept of the burning platform is based on the story of an oil worker in the North Sea who wakes up to find his rig on fire. As it burns he realizes that he has only two options; stay on the rig and perish in the fire or jump into the icy waters below where death is highly probable. He chooses the latter, is rescued and survives. The lesson from this parable: taking any action is better than waiting to be engulfed by the flames.

This is the position Apple found itself in back in the late 1990s. The corporation was hemorrhaging cash trying to compete with Microsoft and Dell. Their products were unremarkable. Their strategy was not differentiating.

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