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Posted on 10/06/2011


Friday, March 12, 2010


by Tim Kastelle
There have been a few before, but here’s another Innovation Manifesto:
  1. Innovation doesn’t need a manifesto – it needs action.
  2. We won’t wait for someone to give us permission to innovate – we’ll just try things out.
  3. Innovations have a life-span – we will try to execute ideas that last, and that make things better.
  4. Not-Invented-Here is not for here. We will execute the best ideas we can find, regardless of where they came from.
  5. Innovation is a process of flow – we generate ideas, we select ideas, and we execute ideas. Since the last two are the parts that most people aren’t good at, those are what we’ll concentrate on.
  6. We will build fast prototypes, and iterate rapidly instead of trying to make things perfect from the start.
  7. We will find small, inexpensive ways to test our ideas.
  8. We will learn from the ideas that don’t work.
  9. We will scale up the ideas that do work.
  10. Innovation is the best way to enact strategy – we will keep the two aligned.

Her kan du læse resten af manifestet.

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