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Posted on 23/05/2011

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Innovation is what shapes the evolution of human society. In order to create, one needs creativity, which requires room to breathe, mediate and collaborate. Too often, our societal structures hinder this necessary growth, particularly in professional settings. It’s why startups are so in vogue, because nimble Internet companies can accomplish growth like never before with engineering, design power and the expansive reach of social media.

Big companies still want to innovate, many just don’t know how. They ask, “How do you provide your talent with the ability and flexibility to become creative and entrepreneurial without having them leave?” It’s this idea that pulses through the heart of Prehype, a new company that’s spun a unique twist on the incubation model, it’s a “product innovation boutique,” if you will. In September 2010 in New York City, Prehype was founded by Henrik Werdelin, a 35-year old Danish entrepreneur and his childhood friend Philip Petersen and U.K. based Stacey Seltzer, who all work with different entrepreneurs in residence.

When Werdelin was a child, his mother spent nearly all of her disposable income on a computer, and was quite demanding that Werdelin learn to use it. And learn it he did. Werdelin went on to become a 21-year old in charge of MTV’s digital product development outside of the U.S. He later received his Masters in Journalism from the University of Westminster in the U.K. and went onto become a Producer for the BBC. Prior to Prehype in New York City, he worked for Joost (CCO) and then Index Ventures (EIR).

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