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Posted on 20/05/2011


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This week I attended the Front End of Innovation conference in Boston. I made a presentation about the KaosPilots and about how the way we learn can improve our ability to be innovative. My main point was, that in order to create something genuinely new we have to become new ourselves.

One attendee told me that probably twenty percent of corporate world power measured in economy was present at the event. So by listening to the other presentations and talking to attendees I had the chance to hear what is on the mind of leading companies when it comes to innovation.

The risk of complacency and importance of communication

The main speaker at the event was John Kotter, Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School, who made a point about how we are imprisoned by our habitual thoughts and fail to see the world as it is. The consequence is collective complacency that keeps us from adapting to a world that is changing at an ever-increasing speed.

One of the things Kotter pointed out, as a main challenge for the leadership of the future is the ability to engage the diversity inside our organizations through rich, visual and living communication; because it is only by engaging diversity that we can create a shared movement towards a new big opportunity.

The importance of communication and the fragmentation inside organizations was a recurring theme in many presentations. Alec Bernstein, Senior Director at BMW Group DesignWorks, made a convincing case in his presentation about cinematographic storytelling as a method for engaging the top management at BMW in the design process of new products. Scriptwriters, market researchers and designers together created small compelling stories about future users based on lots and lots of research data.

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