Metode: Dr John Kapeleris – How to Begin the Process of Open Innovation: A Primer

Posted on 05/04/2011


Dr. John Kapeleris skriver på skriver: While large companies like P&G have forged ahead with open innovation there are many still to take the first tentative steps. Dr John Kapeleris provides a primer on how to go from thinking about Open Innovation to trying it out with a crowdsourcing project.

Open innovation is the process by which organizations use both internal and external knowledge to drive and accelerate their internal innovation strategy in order to fulfil existing market needs or to access new market opportunities.

The concept of open innovation implies that an organization has the willingness and desire to source and utilize external knowledge, ideas, intellectual assets and technologies, in addition to its internal capabilities, to identify solutions to problems, capitalize on opportunities, develop new technologies, create new products and services, improve processes, or design new organizational systems and business models. However, in practice it is still difficult for organisations to understand how to embark on an open innovation journey and begin implementing the concepts of open innovation. It takes significant cultural change for an organization to embrace open innovation thinking.

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