Nyhed: KaosPilot International Newsletter #4

Posted on 04/04/2011


KPI : KaosPilot International Newsletter #4
Click here for Issue 4 : march 2011

Welcome to the March issue of the KaosPilot NewsLetter, a newsletter with inspiration, feature articles and stories about what’s going on at the KaosPilots – here and now.

The life at the KaosPilots is cyclic, changing with the seasons and the curriculum. And we are now heading for a both quiet and busy period. Quiet, because students will be out all over the world. Busy because we are heading towards the final projects, graduation and end of the year.

Team 16 are on their way to Bogota, Columbia for their three month outpost and we are looking forward to embrace, investigate and work in South America.

Team 15 are diving into their final projects, making outstanding projects, starting up their own business and putting the crown on their three year education.

And by the way – team 17 just worked with the Danish space program – Copenhagen Suborbitals.

So – as always – loads and loads of exciting stuff is going on – read about some of it in this newsletter – enjoy.


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