Inspiration: 15inno – Top 5 Open Innovation Countries

Posted on 01/04/2011


Stefan Lindegaard skriver på Last September I posted a list of companies that do well on open innovation and now it is time for an update. Here comes a list of countries that in my view do well.

1. United States. No surprise here. This is where it happens. We have the companies, intermediaries/service providers, top academics and all the best conferences. There are simply too many to mention here.

2. The United Kingdom. This is primarily driven by the work done by 100% Open, a consultancy that also offer interesting workshops and events and the IfM institute in Cambridge for their research and events. Among other UK companies I like Psion which is gaining traction with their Ingenuity Working community and  O2, which recently shared some initiatives that although they had some internal focus also revealed a proper mindset for open innovation. I can also mention Paul Sloane, the editor of A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing: Advice From Leading Experts.

Her kan du læse om de tre andre lande.

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