Inspiration: Headfitted – Driven Innovation

Posted on 30/03/2011


Jannie Kristensen skriver på Lately I have read a series of articles discussing userdriven vs companydriven product development, and I have found myself wondering why this distingtion is so important?The core basis for success is, that a creative innovation process must be driven! In order to make radical innovations we need to be passionate, inspired, provoked, fascinated, curious, puzzled in other words….driven!

Since the cavemen developed their first tools, radical innovation has been all about use. This is where the best product ideas are born; We develop things for a reason! Basically innovation and creative product development is about designing an iterative funneling process, where you constantly open and close until you arrive at a final idea. This process must be delightfully orchestrated in a way, so that it is driven in different directions at different stages: user and use driven as well as driven by business, design, economi, ecology, sociology, psychology…… and what ever else we might choose to take into consideration at given stages of the process.

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