Inspiration: – What is Idea Management?

Posted on 29/03/2011

0 skriver: Idea management is new to many and I am often asked ‘what is idea management anyway?’ So I thought I would give my shot at it.

Some of my good friends run a very cool music magazine with about 20 very creative employees. So I was curious of how they go about capitalising on these bright people’s ideas. What my friend Martin told me was that, being a small team, anybody with a good idea just presents it to the CEO or one of the other managers. If they like it and it fits their strategy they go for it. If they need ideas for a special problem they run brainstorming sessions.

This ad hoc process works great for them, and why shouldn’t it? Good ideas are usually recognised right away and decisions are made fast.

Actually this is a common way to manage ideas in any organisation. But when you have 20,000 colleagues instead of 20 you also have a great deal more ideas, and a great deal more complexity in your organisation – and then it begins to make sense to manage ideas in a more structured way.

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